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Breitling Navitimer B01 Black Men's Watch - AB0120

Breitling Navitimer B01 Black Men's Watch - AB0120

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This Navitimer is in excellent condition with genuine leather strap showing minimal wear. No dents or deep scratches on case. Time piece comes with box only.  

The original slide-rule chronograph in its purest form.

The AB0120 is unique die to following features

A classic modern iteration of Breitling's flagship icon, this Navitimer embodies the aviation spirit that the model romantically invokes. Beyond the history and romance, the Navitimer, of course, features the circular slide-rule with all available calculations of rates and averages needed for flying. In addition, the Navitimer 01 represents the first model to be powered by the in-house Breitling movement B-01. Measuring 43mm in width, this distinctive timepiece may be all refreshed and shiny underneath, but it's business as usual externally. All the hallmarks and must-haves with a Navitimer are here, including its slide rule bezel, wide dial aperture, legible handset, and the brand's textbook winged logo signature. For a modern-day Navitimer, 44mm proportionally sits right within the sweet spot. 

Similar to other iconic models around the watch world, there is not much innovation or change needed with the Navitimer. This reference sticks to that attitude. Going to the pre-owned market for a Navitimer, you have many options – this particular watch offers many of the high points collectors are looking for in the model.

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